It is our intention as well as the duty of all the employees to be active and do our best to:

EKOLAMP Slovakia is a not-for-profit organization that has been working in the field of electrowaste management since 2005. The strategic goal of EKOLAMP Slovakia is to become a stable and reliable association in the field of electrowaste management. Our main objectives are to provide high-quality services for our customers, to ensure safe working conditions and to minimize environmental pollution, thus hoping to see our customers always satisfied with the quality of our services.

Our approach is based on a permanent effort to meet the requirements and needs of our customers in a complex way, improving the relationship with the staff and the stakeholders in order to gain and to keep their trust, proving that the services provided reach the required quality standards and keep improving while minimizing or reducing the environmental risks. This policy is binding for all employees of EKOLAMP Slovakia. The company‘s managing directors pledge to create the necessary resources, to provide support of all kinds and to offer the staff educational activities that will enable them to put this policy into practice.

maintain and improve the company‘s position on the market in the service sector focused on waste management – electrowaste, category No. 5;

meet the quality and environmental protection standards regarding the activities performed by the organization and bear in mind the demands of stakeholders in the above-mentioned fields which the organization pledges to meet;

maintain and constantly improve the integrated management system in the company which will include quality control and protection of the environment;

to discuss issues with the colleagues and communicate with the customers and stakeholders in order to achieve the above-mentioned goals, increase customer satisfaction and that of other stakeholders as well as to increase the quality and environmental awareness.