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A refund means that the recycling fee is paid back by EKOLAMP for lamps that are exported either individually or as a part of various lighting objects or lighting systems.

When the members of the Producer Responsibility Organization sell lamps to other Slovak companies, they charge them the EKOLAMP recycling fee. Once exported, these lamps will not become electro-waste in the Slovak territory but in the country they have been imported to and thus, it is the recycling fee of the importer‘s country that applies to them. 

EKOLAMP offers an additional service to the exporters – that of refunding the recycling fee paid to the PRO.
Following a precise methodology, refunds can be requested by every business entity that exported lamps out of the Slovak Republic and had purchased them from a PRO member or one of its customers if this fact is proved.

For more details see „A public proposal of the agreement on the refund of the visible fee that has been paid to EKOLAMP PRO for lamps exported out of the Slovak Republic“

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