EKOLAMP Slovakia Lighting Producer and Distributor Association

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EKOLAMP Slovakia

Turecká ul. 37,
940 01 Nové Zámky


Registration: Register of Associations of the Legal Persons with the District Office in Nitra, file No. 8/2005

Authorization by the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic: No. 0011//OEEZ/OZV/a/16-3.3, Č.J. 4715/2016-3.3

Company ID No.: 37935887
VAT ID No.: SK2022012685

Ing. Oliver Čelko

Manager for external relations
tel.: 0902/987 560
e-mail: ocelko@ekolamp.sk

Ing. Tomáš Rychetský

Executive director
tel.: +420 731 549 825
e-mail: rychetsky@ekolamp.cz

Ing. Gabriela Bogdányová

Marketing manager
tel.: 0911/436 672
e-mail: gbogdanyova@ekolamp.sk

Ing. Vladimír Rácek

Operational manager
tel.: 0914/22 44 44
e-mail: zber@ekolamp.sk

Ing. Martina Lakatosová

Sales manager
tel.: 0911/324 914
e-mail: mlakatosova@ekolamp.sk

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